bookmark_borderNASA is returning astronauts to the moon

NASA is returning astronauts to the moon via the Artemis application. In 2022, NASA released the Artemis 1 venture into area with the biggest rocket ever built, the Space Launch System (SLS), efficiently finished its orbit across the moon and back to Earth. The Artemis 2 venture is on the right track for 2024. The Artemis three venture a yr later will go back astronauts to the lunar surface, greater than 50 years after human beings ultimate set foot at the moon.

In the overdue Sixties and early 1970s, the Apollo application despatched 12 male astronauts to the moon and back. This time, while the Artemis missions go back Mobile Accessories Manufacturers astronauts to the moon, a female and someone of shadeation will stroll at the lunar surface, and it could be the equal individual.

On October 5, 2022, Nicole Aunapu Mann started a five-month venture aboard the International Space Station, turning into the primary Native American female in area. Mann, who’s in the beginning from Northwest California`s Wallaki tribe, stated earlier than her flight to the International Space Station that, as a female, the concept of turning into an astronaut appeared impossible. “I turned into born in 1977, and at that time, it turned into impossible.”

Mann enlisted withinside the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. In 2013, she turned into decided on for NASA’s astronaut schooling application. Mann turned into concerned withinside the improvement of the SLS and Orion capsules. After coming back from the International Space Station, she could be a sturdy contender to be an astronaut at the moon.

But Mann faces stiff opposition to emerge as the primary girl astronaut to stroll at the lunar surface. NASA has introduced the preliminary 18 individuals of the Artemis group, 9 of whom are ladies, which includes Mann. They encompass Christina Koch, who took element withinside the first 3 all-girl spacewalks, veteran Anne McClain, who has spent 204 days in area, and previous International Rugby League participant Jesse Card Watkins (Jessica Watkins). The latter becomes the primary African-American to paintings at the International Space Station in April 2022.

“We do not but realize who the primary female turned into to stroll at the moon,” stated Emily Margolis, curator of American ladies’s records on the Washington Air and Space Museum and the Smithsonian Astrophysics Laboratory in Massachusetts. )Say. “But we knew she could have sturdy abilties and incredible accomplishments. The ladies at the Artemis group maintain superior ranges in science, technology, engineering and math education, and encompass area trip astronauts, business group commanders and commemorated pilots .”

NASA has been operating tirelessly to ship ladies into area. “Certainly, ladies are similarly as involved and able to spaceflight,” Margolis stated. “After two decades in existence, NASA well-known its first girl astronauts in 1978. While NASA did now no longer explicitly limit ladies from making use of to be astronaut applicants previous to that date, the requirement implicitly excluded them. But through the years Over time, astronaut qualifications changed, and so did society’s belief of what careers have been proper for ladies. When NASA recruited the primary area trip astronauts, it explicitly recruited ladies for the primary time.”

Some commentators have argued that NASA’s long-status reluctance to ship girl astronauts into area stems from the capacity for more public response withinside the occasion of a catastrophic twist of fate regarding ladies. Tragically, Christa McAuliffe, the primary civilian U.S. astronaut to fly in area, died withinside the 1986 area trip Challenger disaster. The area trip exploded while an outside stable rocket booster failed seventy three seconds after launch.

McAuliffe’s dying may also have had a more effect at the American public. But Margolis stated that had greater to do with McAuliffe being a instructor and a commoner than her gender. “The cause why McAuliffe’s dying has had any such huge effect is due to the fact she could be the primary instructor in area withinside the United States,” Margolis stated. “Her journey is quite anticipated. It’s a shock.”

McAuliffe’s dying brought about the cancellation of NASA’s Civilian Space Program. “NASA believes that the dangers to civilians are too extraordinary to continue,” Margolis stated. “The area trip is taken into consideration with the aid of using the general public to be a secure and snug adventure to orbit. But Challenger turned into a tragedy and a reminder of the dangers.” .”

The first American female in area turned into Sally Ride, who entered at the equal Space Shuttle Challenger on June 18, 1983, 3 years earlier than the 1986 area trip twist of fate. track.

Although Ryder turned into the primary American female in area, she turned into best the 1/3 withinside the world. Twenty years earlier than Ryder released from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, former Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova have become the primary individual in area aboard the Vostok 6 spacecraft. girl. Her adventure to area turned into finished on June 16, 1963, simply years after the primary human cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, finished the equal feat.

Another female turned into now no longer in area till 19 years after Tereshkova finished her spaceflight. In 1982, Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya went into area, only a yr earlier than Ryder.

Now, the point of interest is on who could be the primary female to stroll at the moon. The choice system could be rigorous, Margolis explained, but “it really is the purview of NASA’s Astronaut Office, which usually does not touch upon the system.” “It’s only a wait and see.”

bookmark_borderGaming App Optimization Trends of 2023

The cellular sport area is a aggressive one, with new video games launched every day. In order to interrupt via the noise of older titles, publishers, and reskinned video games, builders have to make certain they may be optimizing their sport`s key phrases and creatives. This can assist it upward push via the ratings and get installs.

If you’re a cellular advertising expert and paintings on App Store Optimization buy app reviews, you understand how tough it’s far to discover unique ASO articles. We generally tend to examine the equal statistics again and again again. You may additionally realize how irritating it’s far to be doing the “proper” element to your sport to develop organically and but you aren’t getting any results.

Why ASO is critical to your cellular video games
In the cellular sport business, ASO is some thing you have to plan for lengthy earlier than the launch. We all realize this, but many sport builders keep to fall brief whilst crafting an ASO strategy. They rely upon good fortune and virtually be patient which key phrases the app shops will use to place their sport.

ASO for video games isn’t always very distinctive from everyday App Store Optimization. However, ASO for video games is taken into consideration to be one of the maximum hard duties due to the fact that there are such a lot of new video games developing normal taking the opposition to an entire new level.

According to Forrester, 63% of apps are observed via app keep searches. If you examine the photograph below, it’s far clean that app keep seek is the maximum favored approach of locating new apps. Hence, in case your sport isn’t always optimized for ASO, you’re lacking out on the biggest app discovery channel.

With tens of thousands and thousands of video games in every app keep competing to rank above one every other, maximum of the publishers aren’t making an investment in App Store Optimization. Nevertheless, ASO may be your key to success.
ASO makes a speciality of key phrases however it’s far manner extra
Now every time a person mentions the phrase App Store Optimization, the primary element to pop up in our minds is key phrases. The extra key phrases to your app’s identify and description, the better its rating.

However, ASO is a lot extra than simply stuffing key phrases. It is ready the consumer enjoy at the entire. It’s tormented by app icons, ratings & evaluations and localization to call a few. We’ll be discussing those in element withinside the subsequent section.

How to discover the right identify and key phrases to your sport
Before concluding your sport’s identify, you should apprehend its importance in each the shops, the regulations in addition to the impact.

For the App Store, an app call is the maximum critical area coming collectively with a separate subtitle area.

An app’s identify isn’t always best important for indexing your app in Apple App Store and Google Play Store however is the primary supply of statistics for the capability consumer. Since the app description isn’t always proven above the fold in any keep, the app call have to already provide traffic an concept of what your sport is ready.

Not many traffic spend a long term on app keep pages informing themselves approximately the presented products. Hence, the app’s usability and relevance are specially judged best through its identify, app icon, and display screen shots. You are supplied only some characters to explain your sport. So the phrases covered withinside the identify want to buy app installs be exquisite applicable and really impactful.

Another factor to bear in mind is that the App Store gives a key-word area in which you could positioned withinside the key phrases applicable for your sport. Now to apply this strategically, you should now no longer repeat the key phrases you’ve got got already positioned withinside the identify area. Instead, goal new key phrases to get the most results.

Talking approximately Play Store, Google analyses your standard app web page to discover key phrases which you have to rank for. But the topmost key phrases determined withinside the identify, are taken into consideration the maximum critical. The identify of your sport have to be unique, descriptive and clean. It should not be copied or stimulated through competition however have its very own logo value.

App Description
Especially in Google Play Store, the app description wishes to encompass applicable key phrases. How nicely your key phrases healthy what human beings are looking for? To an extent, that is extra approximately discovery than rating however in case you select out famous key phrases, you will have extra opposition and war to rank nicely.

Localizing your cellular video games for the app shops
The entire concept of ASO is ready making your app (in this situation Game) extra findable and searchable.

Initially, whilst a sport is created, the language through default is English. However, now no longer even 1/2 of of the world’s populace speaks English. Isn’t it the proper concept to make your sport to be had in different languages too if you want to attain a much broader target target market base? It is critical to look at out whilst localizing an app. It isn’t always best approximately translating however speaking with human beings.

When converting the language, you also are speakme to every other target target market who may be reacting for your sport or app. So extra critical than translating, it’s far important to conform the textual content for folks that talk the goal language. Be cautious with automated translators. Another critical factor is to position the screenshots in the ideal language.

As complex because it sounds, it is quite smooth to do localization. ASO Tool lets in key-word monitoring in a couple of languages and localized countries. International key-word localization is obtainable for each, Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

App optimization visually
Many app publishers use repetitive display-pictures, slightly edit them, and upload fewer films and display-pictures than the app shops allow. Therefore, you could take a look at alternatives for display-pictures with a shadeation heritage and photo elements, and upload as many display-pictures as possible. This will assist you come to be greater substantive to buy ios app installs your seek.

Visual optimization developments of 2021
Good layout of the app web page withinside the App Store and Google Play will increase the deployation conversion through 17-24%. Therefore, it’s miles crucial for app publishers to check specific layout alternatives and pick out the only ones. You must take note of the visible optimization developments that publishers of famous programs follow.

In this article, we analyzed the icons, screenshots, and films of the pinnacle one hundred loose apps of the App Store and Google Play withinside the US, and referred to the visible ASO developments of 2021. We checked out shadeation, graphics, and composition utilized by famous publishers.

Icon layout
In the pinnacle apps of the App Store and Google Play, you could particularly discover massive marketplace players. They region a brand or emblem call at the icon, which regularly does now no longer display the principle functions of the utility, however is related to a famous company.

The photograph at the icon
We analyzed the photos at the icons and determined that textual content is utilized by best 1 / 4 of the builders. It is tons greater not unusualplace to apply a minimalistic brand, which, before everything glance, makes the person apprehend a famous emblem.

However, customers are much more likely to recognize the emblem call than its brand. The brand is exceptional used best if the app belongs to a sturdy emblem and is thought through the bulk of customers. Such programs, for example, consist of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If your utility isn’t always but this kind of sturdy emblem and also you want key-word optimization, we endorse putting the emblem call at the icon. This manner you could additionally shop characters withinside the name of the utility. Let us remind you that the name is the maximum crucial rating factor, so the last characters may be used to feature crucial key phrases.

Best-Practise to your Game screenshots
Screenshots layout
Developing display-pictures of cellular apps regularly takes greater time than sport display-pictures. To entice customers, app publishers cognizance now no longer on a brilliant or appealing interface, however on beneficial functions of the utility.

It is crucial that the textual content withinside the screenshots may be effortlessly study, now no longer best whilst going to the utility web page, however additionally withinside the seek. The font must be huge and evaluation with the heritage. Images must comprise as little textual content as possible.

To ensure you’ve got got an appropriate textual content to your app screenshots, take a look at if you could study textual content on a tool with a small display.

Screenshot orientation and composition
Developers choose to use vertical orientation, which permits them to reveal 3 display-pictures in seek effects on the identical time and proportion greater facts approximately the app with the person. Horizontal screenshots are greater typically used for video games which have films on their pages.

In order now no longer to misinform the person, the layout of the screenshots should correspond to the orientation of the sport itself. Only 20% of app publishers at the App Store and Google Play use horizontal orientation. Game publishers not often use panoramic composition.

Many builders best upload a breathtaking composition withinside the first screenshots. In the observe of visible developments in 2019, we wrote that panoramic composition can encourage customers to scroll via the utility web page further. But to test if this layout impacts the conversion of apps to your category, you want to do A/B testing.

Presence of the tool
As a rule, screenshots depict a tool with an utility interface. The tool is on 82% of utility pages withinside the App Store and Google Play.

Placing a tool photograph complicates the technique of making screenshots. For example, withinside the App Store, you want to place a tool that suits the display length 5.5″ or 6.5″ at the screenshot. On Google Play, it`s crucial to keep in mind to change out antique gadgets with huge bezels for new, nearly bezel-much less ones.

Creating a complete app preview video
Unlike everyday app publishers, sport builders are the usage of video greater. After all, shiny and dynamic gameplay can’t be proven in screenshots. Videos, at the contrary, can display the gameplay virtually well. The predominant intention of the publishers isn’t always to reveal all of the beneficial features of the utility however to hobby the person with the setting, best of graphics, action, and appropriate sport physics.

Sound, textual content, and video layout

Almost all films are followed through audio. Most of the time,Buy IOS App Reviews you could listen dynamic tune or sounds which can be gift withinside the gameplay. App Store builders upload textual content to the video in 60% of cases. The textual content describes the principle movements that the person plays in the sport and encourages them to put in the utility.

At the identical time, on Google Play, the textual content is used best in 10% of gaming programs. As a rule, builders surely display the gameplay with none textual comments.

Optimize your app keep metadata for video games
You can do an immediate translation of the call and description, however must hold in thoughts that it could now no longer enhance conversion withinside the overseas territory. As direct translations are in the main erroneous in expressing the actual feeling of the sentence.

When it involves localizing the app call, you want to be cautious and ensure to apply crucial key phrases that specific the app’s center functions closer to the start of its name tags. The technique of localizing an app list for any other u . s . seems loads like your ASO technique in English.

bookmark_borderHow to Optimize Your App for The Holidays?

We are heading into the maximum first-rate time of the 12 months: the vacations. This is especially genuine for you due to the fact app installs are at an all-time excessive all through this time of the 12 months. Starting with Halloween and finishing with New Years, there lies a big possibility so that you can garner a few severe interest with the aid of using increase app ranking optimizing your app for the vacations.

The vacation season is a festive time for many, with a lot to celebrate. vacation, Hanukkah, Lunar new 12 months are a number of those who humans round the arena celebrate, making December a hectic month for all.

In the US, the season is thrust upon us the day after Thanksgiving, with vacation jingles ringing thru each shop and radio station. Some humans alternate their garments for the season, a few humans beautify their houses and others simply don`t experience like celebrating the season all month long.

Why optimize your app for vacations?
The give up of the calendar 12 months can imply very various things for one of a kind industries. For many, it marks give up of the 12 months vacations and a few long-awaited day off till the brand new 12 months. For many others, this identical duration is the busiest season of the 12 months.

By optimizing your app for the vacations you may get re-featured at the app shop personally and get featured in a specialised vacation app category, additionally you may re-interact vintage customers with new photos and particularly with new in-sport vacation features!

For cellular app builders, it is a mixture of both. During the busiest gift-giving (and receiving) time of the 12 months, clients can be searching out new apps to strive or down load apps they already love on their new gadgets.

However, a part of Apple’s App Store Connect provider can be on a vacation of its personal all through this important time, making coaching key. Understanding what is to buy keyword installs are available December and making ready in advance of time can imply the distinction among a glad vacation or an sudden surprise.

Capturing the vacation app spirit
There are actually additionally traits that start to take vicinity withinside the App Store and Play Store all through the vacation season, with builders and massive gaming studios aiming to take benefit of the vacation seasonality and live applicable to capacity clients. We’ve taken a chunk of a deep dive into the subject to reply the query every person desires to understand approximately updating ASO for the vacations – what works, and what doesn’t?

Along with posting vacation-y screen-pictures and icons, agencies can create vacation financial savings bundles, so the consumer gets a couple of apps at a reduced rate. And of course, every person appreciates a loose app buy all through the vacations. The aim is to enhance engagement whilst growing click-thru costs and sales.

Additionally, app dealers would possibly need to utilize social media all through the vacations. During this time of 12 months, lots of us use our cellular gadgets to browse social media webweb sites and connect to pals and cherished ones in one of a kind elements of the country.

For nice results, provide informative pointers approximately the usage of your app or percentage fun, attractive pics of your product in action. If you may effectively sell your app on Facebook or Twitter, you may simply discover your self reaping the blessings in brought sales. And do not forget to “like” and “retweet” fans’ remarks to thank them for his or her words.

Taking time to create lovely photos suggests customers you care approximately retaining them entertained with the nice fine sport or app. Your difficult paintings and interest to element pays off with the aid of using growing person retention and growing installs all through the vacation season.

It’s additionally the report excessive time of the 12 months for installs. According to Apple, “Customers broke all-time statistics this vacation season (2016) with purchases from the App Store topping $three billion.”

Dress up your app for the vacations!
Just like a bodily shop, humans want to see festive environment in on-line stores. So upload a chunk of adornment to your app icons and replace your app’s screenshots to be extra vacation-y. These factors paintings the identical manner as a product on buy app installs show in bodily shop windows.

Don’t get discouraged while you see every person doing it due to the fact all through vacations its will pay off, as humans are feeling glad and nostalgic and they may recognize humane gestures anywhere they discover them. If your apps are extra severe in nature you may nevertheless sprinkle a few snow or holly to your internet pages.

Mini app trailers, a brand new powerful characteristic in stores; can permit clients to get a peek on the app and its interface while not having to down load it. A little bit of festive trailer version is probably simply the issue to spark off clients to down load your app. Temporary covers or subject matters assist with the vacation visualization.

How to get your app great from the advertising on vacation?
Optimize your app name
Optimize your name to capitalize on Holiday sport searches. This is especially beneficial for video games which have up to date their in-app individual skins or stage skins. It also can be beneficial for m-trade apps which might be supplying unique Black Friday, Cyber Monday or vacation offers and specials.

Add a vacation-orientated blurb withinside the description
What`s the second one first-class to amusing new graphics? A lovable excursion blurb become delivered for your description. Consider telling a bit tale that is going along side your app and the unique excursion for which you are making the optimization.

Try a spooky Halloween tale or a Night earlier than excursion story to tie for your app’s capabilities or characters. Is your app or recreation the usage of any excursion characters? Are there new capabilities, games, or In-App Purchases which are unique to the vacation season?

Include applicable Holiday key phrases in a herbal manner (usually write for the reader and now no longer simply the algorithm) and give an explanation for how your app is beneficial or has new capabilities for the vacation (i.e. new in-app themes, specials on in-app purchases).

You will must upload some excursion-associated key phrases to the apps to force traffic, in particular while your app is an internet keep outlet. You can upload a vacation blurb in descriptions that positioned your app in a community with the vacation.

Update key phrases
Updates to key phrases require a brand new construct to be submitted, which calls for App Store assessment approval to move live. This manner whichever key phrases your app is the usage of throughout the vacation will correctly be locked in region till the subsequent replace is going via.

Just like with innovative sets, making plans to alternate your key phrases too near the vacation can also additionally imply your app is strong till the New Year. But whilst creatives are right away seen to end-customers, key phrases are off-web page factors that aren’t without delay seen, and whose effect takes time to absolutely assess.

As it could soak up to 30 days to absolutely index for key-word updates, attempt to get any seasonally applicable key phrases submitted for App Store assessment approval in overdue November or very early December.

This will positioned your app in a higher function to have started the indexation method whilst different builders can be looking to play catch-up, or best beginning the method proper earlier than the shutdown. This is in particular wonderful for the reason that a few builders, who can be too overdue for his or her excursion updates, won’t make it in time for focused key phrases to be locked in region.

Having indexation arise now no longer only for the seasonally applicable phrases, however different new phrases as well, will region you in a higher function to investigate overall performance and release an replace in January 2021. If key phrases aren’t allowed to absolutely index, and overall performance is classed proper after an replace, a key-word that could have done higher through the years might be removed; likewise, a key-word that appears exact in the beginning can be left in and keep to look diminishing ranking.

While the seasonal phrases can be greater apparent to alter once they fashion downward, different phrases will want greater time to index for a clearer buy app reviews photograph on how overall performance is trending.

Acquire advantageous ratings & orchestrate contests
Your app can preserve unique contests (24-hour unique gives) and provide presents to feature to excursion cheer and interact customers throughout the vacation season. These contests will advantage you advantageous evaluations however beware; by no means ask for a score without delay after app installation. Let the customers experience it for every week after which ask them to price the app.

Launch a few vacations & then new yr capabilities
If you’ve got got a few updates to beautify your app experience, the vacation season is probably a very good time for his or her release. These apps need to be optimized for move structures and in shape the layout of all of the iOS or Android gadgets it is downloaded upon.

Keep an eye fixed out for competition
Your competition too can have some thing deliberate for the vacations. Be beforehand of them and put together a stable counter-strategy. Do now no longer maintain repeating the equal element each yr, do a little studies and include the ultra-modern traits into your apps and replace key phrases accordingly.

Be inclusive via localization
Enabling clients to select nearby language options for apps are not unusualplace enough. But you must reflect onconsideration on localizing your app for nearby locals’ cultures & traditions and tailor your app capabilities and its content material accordingly.

Be there on social media & unfold the word
Happy households sipping eggnog and smiling at every different over excursion dinners make for best excursion movies. Real households, however, may be discovered the usage of social media to greet every different and celebrate. And while they may be online, you may trap them for your apps and live energetic for spark off responses to queries, making vacations convenient to experience.

Special gives or offers some thing for free
While a few presents are famous each excursion season, traits alternate through the years. Updated technology are developed, new use instances grow to be applicable and people’s tastes evolve. The equal idea of adhering to the basics whilst additionally adapting to evolving adjustments is likewise authentic for App Store innovative sets.

Adding unique excursion capabilities or unique in-app purchases is some other manner to trap customers to down load or re-interact together along with your app. Share withinside the birthday party temper and pride your clients. Drop off the value of few capabilities or allow clients to down load app freed from value, only for the vacations. Consider including “presents” in your customers like more coins/in-app forex or excursion bundles at a discounted value for a period.

Ultimately, it’s miles as much as you and your crew to apply the first-class discretion whilst cultivating your excursion messaging, app keep list, and innovative strategies. By all manner, take a look at the whole thing and degree the effects and perhaps you will be amazed together along with your findings! There isn’t anyt any assure that including excursion seasonality for your keep list will work, however there may be no assure that it may not either.

bookmark_borderApple, Amazon unions make key progress

The union movement within big tech companies is reportedly gaining momentum. On Friday, an Apple store completed a vote to unionize, and there was turmoil at Amazon distribution points in Southern California. And union organizers say this is just the beginning.

For a long time, Apple’s employees were considered difficult to unionize, yet its Oklahoma City-based workers overwhelmingly joined the Communications Workers Association of America, making it one of the company’s roughly 270 U.S. employers. The second unionized store in the branch. Meanwhile, Amazon workers in San Bernardino, Calif., also organized a one-day strike on Friday, after such workplace employee activity was almost unheard of at the e-tailer, but has been unheard of during the pandemic. It’s becoming more and more common.

Amazon also faced a major test last Tuesday, when the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will count the votes at a warehouse near Albany, N.Y.

And union activists are fighting other tech giants. A CWA affiliate organized at Google filed a new complaint with the NLRB this month, alleging the Alphabet unit violated the rights of its subcontracted employees.

But union activity at Apple Stores could be one of the most striking signs of labor progress in the tech world, given that Apple’s reputation is unmatched by any other company.

“For decades, modern retail has been completely immune to even the most tentative impulse to unionize,” says Nelson Lichtenstein, a labor historian at the University of California, Santa Barbara. That’s changing.”

Apple, the world’s most valuable company by market value, has been raising wages and adding new benefits in the face of efforts by employees to unionize. In May, Apple raised its national minimum retail wage to $22 an hour. And just last week, the company released a new set of perks. But the company told its unionized employees that they would not be able to get those benefits without negotiating first.

Apple also held a series of anti-union meetings ahead of the election, according to the CWA, which represents workers in industries including media, tech, aviation and healthcare. In its complaint to the NLRB, the CWA said management threatened employees and said it was futile to try to organize them.

But when the NLRB counted the votes Friday night, the picture was not rosy. 56 workers supported the creation of a union, while 32 voted against it. CWA is now ready to negotiate on behalf of the employees, who work in Penn Square, an upscale shopping mall in Oklahoma City. The Towson, Maryland, store became Apple’s first unionized retail store last June, and the workers helped the Oklahoma City store with advice on how to handle the election.

In response to Friday’s vote, Apple said the company believes “open, direct and collaborative relationships” with employees are the best way to serve customers and workers themselves.

Apple, based in Cupertino, California, said: “We are proud to aso digital marketing offer our team members great compensation and exceptional benefits. Since 2018, we have increased our starting salary rate in the U.S. by 45%, and we have also Numerous major improvements to industry-leading benefits, including new education and family support programs.”

The company has made clear its opposition to unionizing. In a video address to employees in the spring, Apple warned against putting “another organization in the middle of our relationship.” In that speech, Deirdre O’Brien, the company’s senior vice president, described the union as “an organization that has no in-depth knowledge of Apple or our business, and most importantly, I don’t believe. It will make a stronger commitment to you, just like we do.”

The CWA called Apple’s response an act of intimidation, comparing it to the actions of Starbucks Corp. and Inc. to bring down the union. Sara Steffens, secretary and treasurer of the CWA, said in a statement: “Workers see these tactics for what they are, and businesses are desperately trying to prevent workers from having a real say in their working conditions. Money can’t compare to workers who are ready to claim their power.”

She also said that Apple retail employees will continue to organize across the U.S. “especially after this big win.” It’s unclear which Apple Store might be next to try the election. Voting at an Atlanta store was canceled after the union claimed pressure from Apple prevented a fair election. The New York City store could also be a key battleground for the union.

And at Amazon, company management is battling union movements across the country. In recent days, workers at a warehouse in California’s Moreno Valley, about 20 miles from the San Bernardino site, have submitted papers to join the nascent Amazon union.

Workers at New York’s Staten Island warehouse voted to unionize in April, but the company is seeking to overturn that result. The union suffered a defeat in a follow-up election at a smaller facility nearby.

Dozens of workers at the San Bernardino facility staged a one-day strike on Friday, demanding better working conditions and a $5-an-hour raise. Holding signs and chanting slogans demanding the company raise wages, they marched in front of the facility, which employs more than 1,500 people. On weekdays, many workers at the facility are responsible for loading and unloading cargo onto and off planes.

The workers said they would give Amazon a deadline of Oct. 10 for the company to raise starting wages to around $22 an hour. Daniel Rivera, 28, who took part in the strike, said he received a $1-an-hour raise in September, bringing his hourly earnings to $18.50.

“Even with a $1-an-hour increase, it’s still very hard for us to live on,” he said. Amazon workers at facilities in Atlanta and Chicago staged similar protests earlier this week demanding higher wages .

Amazon said wages at its U.S. facilities range from $16 to $26 an hour, depending on the job title and location. Employee benefits include health insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan, the company said in a statement.

“We’re always listening and working to improve the experience, and we’ve also offered compensation packages that not only include generous compensation, but also We are proud of the comprehensive benefits offered to regular full-time employees.”

In addition to companies in the tech industry, companies from other industries also face unions. Take Starbucks, for example, where union campaigners turned an initial victory at a Buffalo store in New York into hundreds of successful votes across the country,buy app reviews illustrating the huge motivating effect a victory can have. The union movement has also won within businesses like Trader Joe’s and Chipotle Mexican Grill, chains that previously appeared to be union off limits. The victories are landmark events for the long-shrinking U.S. union, although securing an actual collective bargaining agreement could take months or years.

bookmark_borderWill Apple buy Netflix? Cook: Major acquisition not ruled out

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Thursday on a fiscal third-quarter conference call that he did not rule out acquiring a major company, but that Apple would never acquire a company without a strategic plan.

Apple’s services revenue in the fiscal third quarter was $19.6 billion, up 12% from a year earlier. Analysts asked on the conference call whether Apple was interested in play store optimization acquiring “outside products” to further expand its services lineup. The implication of the question may be whether Apple will eventually acquire streaming video giant Netflix.

Cook did not disclose details of Apple’s strategy, but he said that Apple is always “watching the market” for potential acquisition opportunities. Apple has not ruled out acquiring major companies if necessary. However, Cook also said that Apple “never buys for acquisition’s sake” or “for revenue”. Cook emphasized that, at least for now, Apple remains focused on acquiring smaller companies and individual talent that can bolster the company’s business.

“We’re always looking and asking ourselves how strategic this kind of deal is. We’re never buying for acquisition’s sake, we’re never buying for revenue. We’ve done some smaller IP and buy ios app reviews people so far. Acquisition. I would not rule out any future possibilities. We are always watching the market,” he said.

bookmark_borderIntel’s second-quarter revenue of $15.3 billion turned into a loss year-on-year, shares fell 10% after hours

According to the report, Intel’s revenue in the second quarter was $15.321 billion, a 22% decrease compared to the $19.631 billion in the same period last year; the net loss was $454 million, compared with a net profit of $5.061 billion in the same period last year, equivalent to Down 109% year over year, gross margin narrowed to 36.5% from 50.4% in the previous quarter. Diluted loss per share was $0.11, compared with earnings per diluted share of $1.24 in the year-ago quarter, representing a year-over-year decline of 109%.

In the quarter ended July 2, Intel’s revenue fell about 22% year over year, according to the statement. Intel’s revenue for the quarter missed estimates by 14%, the company’s biggest revenue disappointment since 1999, according to Refinitiv data.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said on a conference call with analysts: “The sudden and rapid economic downturn was the biggest contributor to the decline, but the second quarter also reflected our own execution issues in areas such as product design, as well as AXG (Accelerated) Computing Systems and Graphics Group) products.” He said Intel continued to deal with coronavirus-related supply shortages, which delayed product availability.

In terms of guidance, Intel expects adjusted earnings of $0.35 per share on revenue of between $15 billion and $16 billion. Analysts polled by Refinitiv had expected the company to report adjusted earnings of 86 cents a share on revenue of $18.62 billion.

Intel lowered its full-year forecast. The company said it expects full-year adjusted EPS of $2.30 on revenue of $65 billion to $68 billion. Three months ago, adjusted earnings per share were expected to be $3.60 on revenue of $76 billion. Analysts at Refinitiv had expected Apple to report earnings of $3.42 per share on revenue of $74.34 billion.

Intel’s chief financial officer, David Zinsner, said the pace of computer purchases by small and medium-sized businesses has slowed, but industry-wide momentum is holding up well. Still, the latest forecast takes into account a weakening economy, which could cause businesses to delay PC refresh cycles.

“We do think we’ve bottomed out,” Zinsner said, adding that higher prices and a seasonal improvement in the fourth quarter should help Intel return gross margins to around 51% to 53%.

In the second quarter, Intel’s client computing group, which includes PC chips, generated $7.7 billion in revenue, down 25% and well below the consensus estimate of $8.89 billion among analysts polled by StreetAccount. Earlier this month, tech industry research firm Gartner said PC shipments fell nearly 13% in the quarter. In a note to investors, Intel noted “softening” PC demand in the consumer and education markets, and said higher unit costs had lowered the segment’s operating income.

Intel’s recently formed data center and artificial intelligence unit, which includes server chips, accelerators, memory and field-programmable gate arrays, contributed $4.6 billion in revenue, but also fell about 16%, trailing the StreetAccount consensus of $6.19 billion . Competitive pressures weighed on the segment’s revenue, Intel said.

Going forward, production of the server chip, code-named Sapphire Rapids, will be later than expected, mostly in 2023, Zinsner said.

Intel’s newly launched Networking and Edge (which includes the company’s networking products) segment generated $2.3 billion in revenue, up 11 percent, but only slightly above the StreetAccount consensus of $2.27 billion.

During the quarter, Intel launched the Habana Gaudi2 AI training chip to compete with Nvidia’s A100. Intel is also calling on Congress to push for federal legislation to support semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. so it can continue to build a factory in Ohio. Earlier on Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Chips and Science Act and sent it to the president. “This is historic legislation,” Gelsinger said.

Intel expects to receive funding related to the bill in 2023, Zinsner said on the conference call.

In the interview, Zinsner reiterated Intel’s earlier statement that the company will launch PC chips (14th Gen) codenamed Meteor Lake in 2023. According to Digitimes, they will begin shipping by the end of 2023, but Zinsner declined to specify when.

“I can tell you we’re expecting to launch on Meteor Lake very soon, so you know, honestly, we’re making good progress on that,” he said.

bookmark_borderApple executives interpret the financial report: the iPhone is not significantly affected by the macro economy

According to the report, Apple’s third-quarter net revenue was $82.959 billion, an increase of 2% compared with $81.434 billion in the same period last year; net profit was $19.442 billion, a decrease of 11% compared with $21.744 billion in the same period last year. Among them, Apple’s third-quarter net revenue in Greater China was US$14.604 billion, compared with US$14.762 billion in the same period last year, a year-on-year decrease of 1%.

Following the earnings release, Apple management held a conference call with CEO Tim Cook, CFO Luca Maestri and Investor Relations (Senior) Director Tejas Gala and answered analyst questions.

The following is the main content of the analyst Q&A session of the conference call:

Evercore analyst Amit Daryanani: I have two questions. Let me ask Luca a question on gross profit margin. You seem to imply that the company’s gross profit margin in the fourth fiscal quarter will decline by 130 to 140 basis points sequentially. Can you talk about the positive and negative factors that have contributed to the change in gross profit margin? In particular, what role does the exchange rate play?

Luca Mastri: Our forecast for the gross profit margin for the fourth quarter is 41.5%-42.5%. The reason for the quarter-on-quarter decline is the exchange rate issue you mentioned, as well as the sales ratio of each product. The latter Partial degree of resolution can be obtained by lever adjustment. We expect the impact of exchange rate on the quarter-over-quarter change (gross margin) to be 50 basis points, which is roughly similar to the same period last year, but in fact (foreign currency against the US dollar) exchange rate fell by 130 basis points compared to the same period last year, so the exchange rate issue is obvious to us. There is an impact, but our response is still very effective.

Amit Daryanani: Another question for Tim, there is a lot of concern right now about the macroeconomic outlook, high inflation shocks and slowing consumer demand, but we don’t seem to see much of that in Apple’s earnings and outlook. Impact, is the company seeing recession and inflation concerns have an impact on consumer demand? Also, could the decline in the company’s wearables sales be interpreted as the first sign of softening consumption?

Tim Cook: I’m not an economist, so I can only try to answer your question from a corporate business perspective. The macroeconomic headwinds did have some impact on the company’s third-quarter performance, and one of the most obvious factors was the exchange rate, which Luca also mentioned, and the exchange rate dragged down 300 basis points of revenue growth.

In terms of product categories, except for exchange rates, the macroeconomic impact of the iPhone in the third fiscal quarter was not obvious; the Mac and iPad were greatly affected by the shortage of supply, so there was not enough supply to judge the real demand situation; As you and Luca said, wearables and home products are indeed affected by the macroeconomic environment; in terms of the service business, some businesses are indeed affected, such as the digital advertising business. The impact is very obvious. It can be seen that the impact of the company’s various departments is not the same, and considering the many challenges the company has experienced this fiscal quarter, we are still very satisfied with the results we can achieve.

bookmark_borderAmazon’s second-quarter revenue of $121.2 billion, a year-on-year turnaround

Amazon today released the company’s fiscal 2022 second-quarter earnings. The report shows that Amazon’s second-quarter net sales were $121.234 billion, an increase of 7% compared with $113.080 billion in the same period last year, and a 10% year-on-year increase excluding the impact of exchange rate changes; a net loss of $2.028 billion, compared with the same period last year. Net income for the same period last year was $7.778 billion; diluted loss per share was $0.20, compared with earnings per diluted share of $0.76 for the same period last year.

Amazon’s second-quarter net sales beat Wall Street analysts’ expectations, but its diluted loss per share was worse than expected. Meanwhile, Amazon’s forecast for fourth-quarter revenue beat expectations, sending its shares up more than 12% after hours.

Amazon’s second-quarter revenue of $121.2 billion, a year-on-year turnaround

Main achievement:
For the quarter ended June 30, Amazon posted a net loss of $2.028 billion, or $0.20 per diluted share, worse than a year earlier. In the second quarter of fiscal 2021, Amazon’s net income was $7.778 billion, or $0.76 per diluted share. Amazon’s second-quarter operating profit was $3.317 billion, compared with $7.702 billion in the same period last year; net sales were $121.234 billion, an increase of 7% compared with $113.080 billion in the same period last year. Excluding the $3.6 billion negative impact from currency changes, Amazon’s second-quarter net sales rose 10% year over year.

Amazon’s second-quarter sales beat Wall Street analysts’ expectations, but its diluted loss per share was worse than expected. According to data provided by Yahoo Finance Channel, 37 analysts had expected Amazon’s second-quarter diluted earnings per share to reach $0.13, and 40 analysts had expected Amazon’s second-quarter net sales to reach $119.09 billion.

In April, Amazon projected second-quarter fiscal 2022 net sales of $116 billion to $121 billion, an increase of 3% to 7% year over year, including an expected negative impact of about 200 basis points from currency movements. influences. Amazon also projected at the time that operating profit in the second quarter of fiscal 2022 would be -$1 billion to $3 billion, compared with $7.7 billion in the same period in fiscal 2021. The aforementioned guidance assumes that the Prime Day event will take place in the third quarter of 2022.

Operational data:
Amazon’s second-quarter net product sales were $56.575 billion, compared to $58.004 billion a year earlier; net services sales were $64.659 billion, compared to $55.076 billion a year earlier.

By region:

  • Amazon North America (U.S., Canada) second quarter net sales of $74.430 billion, up 10% from $67.550 billion in the prior year; operating loss of $627 million, compared to operating loss in the prior year Profit was $3.147 billion.
  • Amazon International (UK, Germany, France, Japan, and China) second-quarter net sales of $27,065 million, down 12% from $30,721 million a year earlier; operating loss of $1,771 million, compared to $30,721 million a year earlier Operating profit for the same period last year was $362 million.
  • Net sales of Amazon’s AWS cloud services in the second quarter were $19.739 billion, up 33% from $14.809 billion in the same period last year; operating profit was $5.715 billion, compared with operating profit of $4.193 billion in the same period last year Dollar.
  • Sales from Amazon’s North American division accounted for 62% of total sales in the second quarter, compared to 60% for the same period a year earlier; sales from international divisions accounted for 62% of total sales 22%, compared to 27% a year earlier; sales from AWS cloud services accounted for 16% of total sales, compared to 13% a year earlier %.

By service and business type:

  • Amazon’s second-quarter net sales from online stores were $50.855 billion, down 4% from $53.157 billion in the same period last year, and flat year-over-year excluding the impact of currency changes;
  • Net sales from brick-and-mortar stores were $4.721 billion, an increase of 12% compared to $4.198 billion in the same period last year, or a 13% increase excluding the impact of currency changes;
  • Net sales from third-party seller services were $27,376 million, an increase of 9% compared to $25,085 million in the same period last year, or a 13% increase excluding the impact of currency changes;
  • Net sales from subscription services were $8.716 billion, an increase of 10% compared to $7.917 billion in the same period last year, or a 14% increase excluding the impact of currency changes;
  • Net sales from AWS cloud services were $19.739 billion, an increase of 33% compared to $14.809 billion in the same period last year, and a 33% increase excluding the impact of currency changes;
  • Net sales from other businesses were $1,070 million, an increase of 131% compared to $463 million in the same period last year, or a 135% increase excluding the impact of currency changes.

Cash Flow Information:
For the 12 months ended June 30, 2022, Amazon’s cash flow from operations was $35.6 billion, down 40% from a year earlier; for the 12 months ended June 30, 2021, Amazon’s operating cash flow was $59.3 billion.

For the 12 months ended June 30, 2022, Amazon’s free cash flow was -$23.5 billion, which was nowhere near the same period a year ago; for the 12 months ended June 30, 2021, Amazon’s free cash flow Cash flow was $12.1 billion.

After deducting principal repayments, Amazon’s free cash flow for the past 12 months was -$33.5 billion, far less than the same period last year; for the 12 months ended June 30, 2021, Amazon deducted the aforementioned items Future free cash flow is $600 million.

After deducting principal repayments and assets acquired under capital leases, Amazon’s free cash flow for the trailing 12 months was -$26.1 billion, well below the prior year period; in the 12 months ended June 30, 2021 In time, Amazon’s free cash flow excluding the aforementioned items was $4.2 billion.

Performance Outlook:
Amazon expects third-quarter fiscal 2022 net sales to be between $125 billion and $130 billion, up 13% to 17% year-over-year, including an expected negative impact of about 390 basis points from currency changes, The outlook averaged $127.5 billion, beating analysts’ previous expectations. According to data provided by Yahoo Finance, 39 analysts had expected Amazon’s third-quarter net sales to reach $126.42 billion on average.

Amazon also expects operating profit to be between $0 and $3.5 billion in the third quarter of fiscal 2022, compared with $4.9 billion in the same period in 2021. This performance outlook assumes no additional business acquisitions and restructuring activities and no judicial settlements during the third quarter.

Share price changes:
On the same day, Amazon rose $1.31 in regular Nasdaq trading to close at $122.28, or 1.08%. In subsequent after-hours trading as of 5:23 p.m. ET on Thursday (5:23 a.m. Beijing time on Friday), Amazon shares rose again by $15.01, or 12.28%, to $137.29. Over the past 52 weeks, Amazon’s highest price was $188.11 and its lowest price was $101.26.

bookmark_borderApple CEO Cook: China’s supply and demand have improved significantly, discounts are not inventory clearance

Apple Inc. released its fiscal third-quarter earnings today, and CEO Tim Cook said in an interview that the company will “carefully” consider spending decisions amid a slowing economy. Previous reports have pointed out that Apple will slow spending and hiring of some teams in 2023.


Spend cautiously, revenue will accelerate
“We believe in investing in a downturn, and we’ve always done that. We’ve always found that it makes us stronger on the other hand,” Cook said on Thursday. “That’s how we treat this economy. A downturn mentality. Obviously, we need to be thoughtful when deciding where to invest.”

Boosted by better-than-expected iPhone sales, Apple’s fiscal third-quarter results slightly beat Wall Street expectations, but some products, such as Macs and wearables, missed expectations.

Cook said in the interview that he expects revenue to accelerate in the fiscal fourth quarter despite “softening in some areas.” Cook said he believed “macroeconomic headwinds” affected the company in the fiscal third quarter, including its wearables and digital advertising businesses. Tight supply also affected Macs and iPads in the fiscal third quarter, but demand for iPads remained strong, he said.

Discounts in China
Cook said both supply and demand in China had improved “significantly” in June. “We had some very strong results during the 618 shopping festival,” Cook said.

Apple’s official website recently launched a rare 4-day season of discounts. From July 29 to August 1, consumers can save up to 600 yuan on products such as the iPhone 13 if they pay in the designated way. Some analysts pointed out that Apple may be clearing inventory to make way for the iPhone 14 released in September.

bookmark_borderApple’s third-quarter revenue was $82.959 billion, with Greater China revenue down 1.1% year-on-year

Apple today released the company’s fiscal 2022 third-quarter results. According to the report, Apple’s third-quarter net revenue was $82.959 billion, an increase of 2% compared with $81.434 billion in the same period last year; net profit was $19.442 billion, a decrease of 11% compared with $21.744 billion in the same period last year. Among them, Apple’s third-quarter net revenue in Greater China was US$14.604 billion, compared with US$14.762 billion in the same period last year, a year-on-year decrease of 1%.

Apple’s third-quarter revenue and earnings per share exceeded Wall Street analysts’ expectations, pushing its shares up more than 3 percent after hours.

Apple’s Board of Directors has announced that it will pay a cash dividend of $0.23 per share to the company’s common stockholders, which will be paid on August 11, 2022 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on August 8, 2022.

Apple’s third-quarter revenue was $82.959 billion, with Greater China revenue down 1.1% year-on-year

Detailed performance:
In the fiscal third quarter ended June 25, 2022, Apple’s net profit was $19.442 billion, down 11% from the same period last year; diluted earnings per share were $1.20, down 8% from the same period last year. In the third quarter of fiscal 2021, Apple’s net income was $21.744 billion, or $1.30 per diluted share.

Apple’s third-quarter net revenue was $82.959 billion, up 2 percent from $81.434 billion in the same period last year.

Apple’s third-quarter revenue and earnings per share exceeded Wall Street analysts had expected. According to data provided by Yahoo Finance Channel, 29 analysts had expected Apple’s third-quarter earnings per share to reach $1.16, and 26 analysts had expected Apple’s third-quarter revenue to reach $82.81 billion.

Apple’s third-quarter operating profit was $23.076 billion, compared with $24.126 billion a year earlier.

Apple’s third-quarter gross profit was $35.885 billion, compared with $35.255 billion a year earlier.

Apple’s total operating expenses in the fiscal third quarter were $12.809 billion, compared with $11.129 billion in the same period last year. Among them, Apple’s third-quarter R&D expenditure was $6.797 billion, compared with $5.717 billion in the same period last year; sales, general affairs and administrative expenses were $6.012 billion, compared with $5.412 billion in the same period last year.

By region:
Apple’s Americas division’s net revenue in the fiscal third quarter was $37.472 billion, compared with $35.870 billion in the same period last year;

Net revenue in Europe was $19.287 billion, compared to $18.943 billion in the same period last year;

Net revenue in Greater China was $14.604 billion, compared with $14.762 billion in the same period last year, down 1% year-on-year;

Net revenue in Japan was $5.446 billion, compared to $6.464 billion in the same period last year;

Rest of Asia Pacific net revenue was $6.150 billion, compared to $5.395 billion in the same period last year.

By product:
Apple’s third-quarter net revenue from iPhones was $40.665 billion, compared with $39.570 billion a year earlier. Analysts had expected Apple’s third-quarter net revenue from iPhones to reach $38.33 billion, according to data provided by financial market data and infrastructure provider Refinitiv.

Net revenue from Mac was $7.382 billion, compared to $8.235 billion in the year-ago quarter. Analysts had expected Apple’s third-quarter net revenue from Macs to reach $8.70 billion, according to data provided by Refinitiv;

Net revenue from iPad was $7.224 billion, compared with $7.368 billion in the same period last year. According to data provided by Refinitiv, analysts had expected Apple’s third-quarter revenue from iPads to reach $6.94 billion;

Net revenue from wearables, home products and accessories was $8.084 billion, compared to $8.775 billion a year earlier. Analysts had expected Apple’s third-quarter net revenue from wearables, home products and accessories to reach $8.86 billion, according to data provided by Refinitiv.

Net revenue from services was $19.604 billion, compared to $17.486 billion in the same period last year. Analysts had expected Apple to post $19.70 billion in net revenue from services in the fiscal third quarter, according to data provided by Refinitiv.

Performance expectations:
Apple did not provide an outlook for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022 in its earnings report.

Capital Return Plan:
Apple’s Board of Directors has announced that it will pay a cash dividend of $0.23 per share to the company’s common stockholders, which will be paid on August 11, 2022 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on August 8, 2022.

Executive comments:
“This quarter’s record results underscore Apple’s ongoing efforts to innovate, advance new possibilities and enrich the lives of our customers,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. Consistently upholding our values ​​and embodying them in everything we build – from new features designed to protect user privacy and security, to tools that will enhance accessibility – this is what we do for everyone part of a long-term commitment to create a product.”

“This quarter’s results continue to demonstrate our ability to effectively manage our business despite a challenging operating environment,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer. Record fiscal quarter revenue and an all-time high in active equipment installations across every geographic segment and product category. During the quarter, we generated nearly $23 billion in operating cash flow, which was returned to shareholders over $28 billion and continue to invest in our long-term growth plans.”

Share price changes:
On the same day, Apple’s shares rose $0.56 in regular Nasdaq trading to close at $157.35, or 0.36%.

In subsequent after-hours trading as of 5:21 p.m. ET Thursday (5:21 a.m. Beijing time on Friday), Apple’s shares rose again by $5.64, or 3.58%, to $162.99. Over the past 52 weeks, Apple’s highest price was $182.94 and its lowest price was $129.04.