iOS 16 Beta 2 code shows Apple confirms iPad no longer supports Home Hub

Apple confirmed today that the iPad will no longer be able to function as a Home Hub after the official software updates for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura and HomePod 16 roll out this fall.

MacRumors found in the iOS 16 Beta 2 code that Apple said it would no longer support the iPad as a Home Hub. After updating to iOS 16, this information will appear in the Home app.

“Home Hub is required to take advantage of features like receiving accessory notifications and allowing others to control your home. You will not be able to view shared homes until these homes are upgraded to the latest HomeKit. iPad will no longer be supported as a Home Hub.”

With Apple dropping support for using the iPad as a Home Hub, users will need to own a HomePod, HomePod mini or Apple TV to use Hub-enabled features, such as using Siri to remotely access accessories and location-based automation.

Apple’s iOS 16 preview page shows that the iPad will not be able to be used as a Home Hub, but that has not been confirmed until now, because in the first beta version of iPadOS 16, the iPad can still be set up as a Home Hub. “Only Apple TV and HomePod are supported as Home Hub,” Apple wrote on its website.

Wording in the iOS 16 Beta 2 code suggests that Apple is removing the Home Hub feature from the iPad. The company hasn’t explained why the iPad will no longer be used as a Home Hub, which may have something to do with Apple’s forthcoming cross-platform Matter smart home standard.

Later this year, Matter will allow HomeKit users to add more smart home accessories to their HomeKit settings.

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